Dodging the Poker pitfalls to come out winner against all odds

Dodging the Poker pitfalls to come out winner against all odds

April 15, 2018 Off By Ron Little

Once all the cards are out, the fate of any poker game is almost sealed. What remains to be done is to rake in maximum points out of winning hands and reduce your losses. Use the river catch option diligently as it could spell doom in Hold ‘em if used carelessly. If you were betting while others have called all through the game you can risk betting unless a card pops up that gives an impression that it could complete with your opponent’s straight.

Good players always make bets to prevent others from catching the River and in some cases a small raise would be more than enough to curtail your opponent’s sojourn well before seeing the River. Getting beaten at the River is a rather common trend that can happen to anyone in the game. Many a time you might get a strong cue about the River card and if you are thoroughbred player it’s okay to play a hunch in this game of poker. Turning the tide in your favor can make all the difference in the world to your game though most of the players are killed by the River. Consider River as an inevitable part of this exciting game and learn to handle the adversity. When you are there, do not dare to call a losing bet or to fold your hand which will cost you the money in the pot. In case you have even the far-flung chance, the best option would be to call a bet to minimize your damages.

Follow your logic on calling bets.  In case your opponent reserves his bets towards the end of the game with the best possible hand, it would be sensible not to squander money. In the final rounds you would know where you stand and only if you have the reserves do you need to go ahead and make a bet.

Bad beat is another catch of poker. Even if you have a good hand all through the game, a couple of cards in the deck could get you napping at the River. The damage could be all the more serious if you have a pair of low face value cards on which you call your bets and make raises. At the River if the same card pops up it could beat you. Remember bad beats represent only minor stumbling blocks and if you focus on your long term trends these would not do much harm.

In case you are in the early rounds of the game with a hand of A and 10 while the board has board has K Q J 3 7 you have an upper hand and should bet. If your opponents are not making calls it means that all are adopting a wait and watch policy. By betting you would be driving your opponents against the wall as they would not have any other option but to make fast decisions and more mistakes in the process!

Thus the best strategy to play a River is to make a bet or in case you missed a draw, fold forthwith.