How to Bet NBA basketball?

How to Bet NBA basketball?

November 25, 2018 Off By Ron Little

What’s going on everyone? This is The Bandit from and I’ll be talking to you guys about placing a bet on NBA basketball, using the fundamentals that are essential in making the correct pick against the spread. What do all handicappers and bettors look at when they are placing bets on NBA Spreads? Well, let’s look at three important questions. What do we look at?

What information is important? And finally, how do we use this Information? First off what do we look at? The first thing many people look at is current winning & losing trends. Who is hot and who is not? Next, are player matchups.

Does a team have a height advantage; does a teams’ up and down tempo have an advantage against an opponent? And of course, home and away records play a factor into a wager. Player injuries come next and must be taken into account. Injuries affect an outcome if it severely hinders a team’s matchup with their opponent.

Also if star player is injured, this can have a big effect on the change of a spread. Back-to-back games matter but depending on the age of a team and the amount of playing time they’ve played the night before can give a good indication of the over and under of total points combined. Than of course, are they playing on a national stage? Example, a game being broadcast across America. Games like this star players wake up for.

These are all factors that must be taken into consideration. So what information is Important? First of all a teams tempo and style affects majorly the over and under in a game. You have to ask yourself if a team is a half court team or a fast break team? Also does a team pride themselves on being a defensive team or as an offensive juggernaut? Next, is it before the all-star break or after?

This gives you an idea on teams that are headed towards the playoffs and a teams direction is going to go through the rest of the season. Is a team going to tank or are they going to try to make a playoff bid. Even better are they fighting for playoff seeds?

Finally how many games back are they from. 500, playoffs, 1st place and their situation in playoff seeding? All this gives you an indication of a team’s intensity. This is very important to figure out what a team is playing for. So, how do we use this information?

First off you must apply this information to the point spread. Try to see if there are any mistakes by Vegas. Than look for any favorable spreads and apply this information.

Next look at whether or not the matchups and the intensity is going to affect the over and under. These are the determining factors for making picks within the NBA.