Michael Jackson “King of Pop” Slot Machine From Bally Technologies

Michael Jackson “King of Pop” Slot Machine From Bally Technologies

August 25, 2018 Off By Ron Little

We make a visit to the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is the world’s largest trade show for the gaming industry. It’S a great place to visit, because every major slot machine manufacturers at the show – and you get to see all the new, a slot machines that will be coming into the casinos and not only do you get see them, you also get to play with them now. Besides the slot machines, there are lots of other fun things happening at the show, including some celebrity appearances and the Global Gaming Expo, which is also known as g2e goes on for three entire days. While I was at this year’s show had the chance to meet with three of the world’s largest slot machine manufacturers to get a look at some other latest games and in this, video will be taking a look at one of them, which is the new Michael Jackson.

King of pop, a slot machine from Bally Technologies Mike you’re, introducing this Michael Jackson slot machine. Can you give me some background on how it came about? Well, I’m Michael Jackson’s, where the greatest entertainers upper lip.

So it’s a perfect fit for a slot machine. We’Ve already had our development team working on this for about six months, slated to be on casino floors of prolly about summer next year, so we’re real excited. It works in your favor, Michael Jackson. Videos US a thriller. You out beat it yet smooth criminal.

All worked into the game and, of course, really got caps. It off is our surround sound share, which provides players with the a feeling they’re not going to get anywhere else, the slot machine. You know what the nomination is, this machine % uh. This goes for the credit minimum 400 credit, our maximum, but sono wide area on network of starts at seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

So jackpot is life changing for offer the people who had it? Okay, so wide area networks lol. They would be like that. All the casinos and say in Nevada I, depending on yes, the so across multiple casinos in Nevada, would be an example or whatever other jurisdictions the game is in and we anticipate it being all over the world. Okay, when someone plays this in order to be eligible for the jackpot, the progressive jackpot at the Met maximum point.

Corrupt rock are the eligible for lower jackpots. If they, if they don’t wan na, go absolutely on how I’m gon na show you all the exciting things. They’Re gon na get it any budding level here. Are you going to free games, features the feature?

Michael Jackson’s? Music. There’S plenty Obama plenty of random features, Michael Jackson’s, Moonwalker across the screen.

I any level you’re gon na get an amazing experience with this game. I I can’t say enough good things about it. We’Re super excited that saw expand the odd game at the show at g2e. Okay, let’s take a look at that: the new Michael Jackson, Simon Janes, one thing I noticed in the background on the scene at stereo speakers built into the headset near the Michael Jackson, tunes in the background.

It’S great absolutely i mean you can feel the music here. It’S its: you are inside Michael Jackson. Theater experience, amazing, stop displaying the game. Your you’re involved in the game a min ago show your random feature here, which is a ton of fun %.

Ah spin whale spin mechanic, Houston spreads. Are you set up like a rocker, we’ll see the touch and slide the white glove gon na cost? I just tons upon features what we’re looking at the eye: doc digital screen, 22h 32-inch LCD screens, eighteen-inch LCD top. It special for this game go ahead and give it a whirl here.

How some days I think party’s gon na be videos, are gon na see videos about this. Alright up a grand I could feel I got the other beaded for the chair, Michael Jackson, appears on screen in the game is helping the player of Michael Jackson. Is your Friday? Is gon na work, wild right, the LOB, so the further in the free games bonus? Obviously, the more valuable the position of your while to our to land with wild side real 1 & 2. Obviously the most valuable creates persecution, wins shoot excitement throughout the future.

Funds upon to Michael Jackson, give you some more wild him dead here bar the your of this feature just saw this will occur randomly during gameplay with jobs. One of my favorite go get Michael Jackson moonwalking across the street as goth. You wilds jewel nine dollar when they’re sought I’ll show you one more video just I’ll. Let me show you something else. First, you don’t mind got another. I in addition, when you get to the wheel, you can win pride, its three games as well as a multiplier.

What you’re about to see here tons real cool stuff, so you have the rocker here comes off, so you’ve got a little odd, we’ll see here its of its gon na multiplier win on the bonus. The bonus track multiplier. So here you go again and so you get a sec little spin, so ten times multiplier huge win than 800 box.

That’S pretty good, pretty good, pretty good, win, tons, a fun and I’ll show you one more video and then % uh. Maybe you can show you grease some of our other exciting games. So are we did smooth criminal? This is % uh.

This is the beauty. Three games feature same thing. Three Michael Jackson’s trigger the real the course in addition to what you saw, you know, is there’s Aug of 4,800 credits when you’re sixty dollar, when all kinds wins on this wields. All the bonuses are gon na come through this with our foresight that did you spend mechanic, touch and slide. So, yes, you, a whole different experience, a whole different video for this one different album cover you actually other videos.

Let’S go buy cialis in front of the the reels his backup dancers are behind it stuff. That’S that’s never been done before experiencing this legendary video by and you’re winning. Well, you do. It.

There’S like loving son Michael comes, gives the wilds they stay lost in this feature again, the further you go on the free casino games, the bigger the winds players love this experience. You know you you’re hoping for more wild. It yeah – and you can have your your bigger winds – were already at twenty four dollars got to love of these are all triggered by three Michael Jackson, bonuses, its it saw its ban on all 40 lines. We don’t we, we don’t have that. You know we concentrated on the videos in the audio solar, big win, a big celebration here: funds upon your getting video clips, totally an interactive immersive experience for the player. I N your where you’re saying you can really feel the music itself tons upon super excited about the game, can’t wait for floors next year.

It’S it’s a great game. It’S a lot of fun, especially when it’s in this scene and you enjoy the music and and the videos. Absolutely absolutely. Let’S go take a look at some other stuff.