Pai Gow Poker Rules

Pai Gow Poker Rules

December 24, 2017 Off By Ron Little

This is a poker game which is a variant of a Chinese domino game. Up to five players can sit at each table.

An ordinary stack of cards is used, but with one additional Joker. So you are playing with totally 53 cards.

The player will always play against the dealer and not the other players around the table.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker

After placing your bet the players and the dealer get 7 cards each. Every hand is then split in two hands. These hands are the hands you are using when you are playing against the dealer.

Highest and lowest hand
The rules is like this: The hand with five cards must have a rank at least as good as the hand with 2 cards (!). If you have all the highest cards in the low hand it is against the rules and you have to change the order of your two hands. The hand with 5 cards is called the high hand, while the hand with the low cards is the low hand.

The Joker 
The Joker can ONLY be used to form a straight, flush or straight flush. Otherwise, it counts as an Ace (!).

Win or loose
Your mission is to beat the dealers hands. The card rank is similar to the ordinary card ranking in poker.

If you win with the one hand and loose with the other, the result will be even, “push”. You will get your bet back. If you loose with both hands you loose everything. If you win with both hands, you will get your initial bet double up. If to hands have the same rank the dealers hand will win (!).

In some casinos the players swap being the dealer (bank).